Chasing the Light
A term some photographers use to explain their pursuit of the best images they can shoot. Photographers see things, and usually they see differently than most other people.  Some of it is practice, some of it is vision (mind's eye, so to speak) and some of it is looking at ordinary, everyday life, but their observation reveals a stronger, deeper connection to the world around us. That is what they (we) shoot.

This blog has four categories: Chasing The Light, Morning Walk, Afternoon Walk, and Nothin' Doin'.

Nothin' Doin' means the thoughts therein did not fit the other three categories of

Morning or Afternoon Walk or Chasing The Light.

Most of the information in this blog is about Assignments I have pursued; either on my own or previous assignments while working for other businesses. 

For those interested; there is also a personal website and another blog titled Against the Light and it is located here