Afternoon Walk - Solitary Settings

June 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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June19, 2016

Brownie is an older four legged companion. However, she insists, by barking at the house, knowing who is inside, that a walk must be taken. Sometimes, her insistent barks are answered with a leash and a walk. She much prefers the Rim Trail walk to any other.

Why? The varied scents she is able to detect and investigate. There is one caveat since the Cedar Fire, bears have also been seen on the Rim Trail. They have come up this way for obvious reasons. For those of you who do not know, the Cedar Fire forced them out of their usual habitat. This writer, when the bears are spotted, beats a hasty retreat back to safer areas. 

This has caused a few of our walks quick curtailment. Brownie for her part, is no dummy. Once back at our cottage her barks broadcast her distain. Sorry, this chicken livered human is not going near a forest with known bears lurking about looking for food. The only regret is not getting a decent shot off before either the bear or this duo turns tail and retreats to safer ground.

The fire is now under control to some extent. That does not mean anything to the bears. Their habitat has been destroyed and now they must seek other feeding areas. This of course means they are probably not going to leave anytime soon. Once they have injured or killed a human along the Rim Trail, they will either be shot or captured and released in another area that is safe for them and away from humans. Good luck with that. But that’s another story.

Back to Brownie’s desires and wants and needs. She does not like Pintail Lake, not enough scents. She does not like Show Low Lake, too short of a walk and not many new scents for her keen nose. Hmm...

Another venue, Woodland lake.  Yes, a likely spot. There is a path around the lake, people bring their dogs here, it is well traveled, and a busy place for people, birds, dogs, and anglers. Late yesterday afternoon was our first venture there, at least for Brownie. She liked everything but the covered walk-way bridge. 

It is a decent but not ideal spot for walking and allowing her to explore the air, the ground, and any favorable aromas she may encounter. Why not ideal? Too many people of course.

This particular human likes the silence of solitary settings. You know, those places most humans do not frequent in the early morning or late afternoon. Those places where the only sounds, stirrings, and stimulating places are where humans are not. Yes, this is a whine. And not the kind one has with cheese. Most people will not understand the reference. In the past, when a person whined about something, a sarcastic person listening to the whine might ask: Would you like some cheese with that? 

This of course meant; quit whining and deal with it. That brings this writing back to Woodland Lake. Which will now be a frequent haunt for a while.  Knowing full well Brownie will always prefer the Rim Trail. Ya can’t always have what you want, sometimes, ya get what you need.

Her late afternoon barking will still be heard. She thinks a morning and afternoon walk are required. They are not, at least for her two-legged companion.

I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.


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