Morning and Afternoon Walk - Anarchy And Chaos

June 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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June 13, 2016

Truly, yesterday was a day of rest. Brownie whined in the morning, begging for a walk. We went early, but not early enough. The sun was too high, and many cars were parked near the east side dock of Show Low Lake. Many anglers already had marked their shoreline. Invisible ’Do not disturb’ signs lined the rocky outcrops where each angler had stationed themselves, and venturing onto the path along the lake was not worth the trek.

We turned back. Enough of the lake on this day. My glasses broke for the second time as I pulled them from my pocket. Just proves not all things can be fixed with super glue. The first time they broke while putting them under the vacant pillow, when slipping into bed two nights ago. And that vacant pillow, a constant ache. But that’s another story.

Brownie collapsed on the road before we reached the Durango. She was unable to get up right away. Finally, she pulled herself up as if nothing had happened and we continued. 

Back at our cottage she did not want to use the ramp to exit the vehicle. This writer left the back hatch open and the ramp in place and went into the cottage. About fifteen minutes later Brownie whined long and loud. I went and stood by the ramp and coaxed her down.

The rest of the day was a usual Sunday. Wash clothes, and struggle with writing. Sometimes it is like a wrestling match with an invisible opponent. The mind, the heart, fill with emotion and desire, but words punch the fingers, jabbing and twisting but refusing to make sense. A silent and neutral keyboard just waits. 

Finally, a Dan Fogelberg song, This Heart, kicks into gear a mind in neutral, and a semblance of a poem finds the paper. Then, nothing. That’s all folks...ain’t no more.

Silence in the cottage becomes the music of the day. By 5:30 Brownie is barking for a walk, no whine,  strong, sharp barks of protest. Pintail Lake this time. An arthritic and disinterested dog walks the path, but without heart. This is not her favorite place. Sunset is not the time for this venture.

Leaving the lake one ponders the Orlando Shooting. 50 dead, and 50 injured. One thinks of the two sides of this tragedy who will scream the loudest. Those who want gun control, and those who cry terrorists are coming, we  need more guns. The people of this country need to decide what to do. 

There are already enough guns sold in this country for every man, woman, and child to own one. Think about that for a minute. I mean really. Get off your goddamn soap box, and ponder the fact that there have been enough firearms sold in this country for every person alive. 

That fact alone is insane. We do not need more guns. We already have enough weapons. That is a known fact. What we need is a reasonable policy of gun control. What is a reasonable policy of gun control? A license to use a firearm, for one. And that means education. 

No 16 year old in this country can drive a car without a license, at least legally. And that means they need to take classes, learn the rules of the road,  how to handle a car safely, and then take a test to be a qualified, licensed driver. A firearm, a means of killing someone, has no such qualification. Anyone 18 or older can walk into a gun shop buy a firearm, and proceed to use it against you or me whenever they want.

More gun regulation is also needed. That does not mean taking guns away from people. It means deciding what firearms people may purchase. Who NEEDS an AR-15 or any other type of automatic weapon? The military? Yes. Civilians? No. What for? Has any country invaded this nation and succeeded? No. Besides, as already stated, we have more than enough firearms.

Our military industrial complex has always made sure our wars are fought on foreign ground. How in the world did this go from a day of rest and relaxation to firearms? It went where it did because this writer is afraid firearms have no controls. And that is scary.

Too many people have been killed because there are no controls on who has firearms, how many they have and why they have them. This must end. If it continues, anarchy and chaos will reign, and that means everybody loses.

I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.


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