Morning Walk - Pushing Blood Around

June 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


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June 20, 2016

After this mornings’ shower, this writer wondered about his contribution to the world. The only real contribution has been our sons my first wife (Bobbie) and I had back in the early ’70’s.  All other contributions, if there really are any, cannot compare with the boys. Both of whom are extremely creative, free-thinking, humorous, independent, and responsible.

After that initial thought, this shooter paused, and realized it is a 50% amount. After all, it takes two to Tango. And danced we did.  After raising children and watching them progress through life on their own a parent always has doubts, concerns, and ‘what-ifs’.  

From this perspective if there are no doubts or concerns, one wonders about the parent. At any given time a daughter or son may make a choice that leads to negative outcomes, and once those choices are made the road back may be lost forever. Thankfully, both of them did not go too far down any negative ventures.

Oddly enough, I believe music and their playing musical instruments kept them from deviating too far off any good roads. Why? Because I believe, music, and playing gave them good powers of reason, and an honest sense of humor. An honest sense of humor is seeing the bright side of situations and the silliness of certain acts, and them always finding the kernel of a smile, or a shot of laughter in dire situations. It is like zipping open a dark cloud and letting the sun shine through.

Once you have that, it is hard to take anything too serious or too dark to believe. Of course they have always had a serious streak in them, but their smiles and laughter bubble to the surface at just the right moment. How lucky they are to have that.

These reflective thoughts are due to yesterday’s Father’s Day. After viewing so many good wishes on FaceBook this writer believes those ‘celebrations’ of social media went into the brain and stirred around for awhile and are now emerging on the page. The mind is a wonder of odd placement of thoughts. 

It did not dawn on me until now the reason so many people went out walking around Woodland Lake yesterday. So many families, so many dads out with their little ones, and so many grandpas holding grandchildren hands as they strolled around the lake. No doubt many also had reservations at popular breakfast restaurants in the area.

Will every walk at Woodland Lake be like that? Who knows? This shooter will know soon enough. Walks taken may be determined by those who occupy the lake and when. 

So life continues, hearts beat, pushing blood around, feeding those areas that need it most first. This mind apparently is last on that list, as one is not as sharp in the morning as one used to be. That however may have other causes. But that is another story.

This shooter (photographer), is like this morning’s cleansing, showered with thoughts more during the early hours before sunrise than at other times. The seasonal change is pushing Morning Walks into late Afternoon Walks, a consequence of work, and lack of time. At least during the week. Perhaps this shift may cause a shift of thought to later in the day.

One is thankful and grateful for the boys Bobbie and I have. May they live long and accomplish whatever their creative forces bring forth.

I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.


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