Afternoon Walk - To Keep Pace

July 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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July 31, 2016

Work interferes with pleasure, still. Walks have been regulated to afternoons, except for Sunday and Monday. Those are days without work at Sportsman’s Warehouse. Never enough time.

Days turn too quickly into night, even work days, and tired bones sit numbly in a chair and watch a flat screen that allows this mind to jell. Most times watching t.v. is just something in the room that simulates people, conversation, and companionship. That is sad.

Stopped at Big Springs for the first time yesterday afternoon. Needs more exploring. Ducks are less afraid of humans there. Good. Perhaps other creatures may be as friendly. It may be the new contemplation destination.

Hard to believe, but this writer does like people, just in small doses however. Big Springs, at the right time of day, offers the fewest humans. A small pleasure for this heart.

Walking a trail, it was hard to choose which one, Brownie and this writer began our short journey. Traffic hummed by in a busy state of rush. Echoes of engines and wheels racing along vibrated through the meadow. A minor nuisance.

The first image, roots of an upturned tree. Not much, but light and shadow playing their music with these eyes along the ripples of roots. Total fascination of the struggle of life in this dead tree exposed.

Second image appeared to be a possible beaver mound with three mallards resting. Perhaps just a convolution of dead limbs and mud from a flash flood. Origin unknown. The light bleached bones of dead trees contrasted greatly with the dark green reeds, mud and water. The water fowl blended well into this peaceful and eye resting scene.

Third image was a female mallard just sitting, possibly waiting for bread crumbs, no fear of the human. That touched this heart. Other females glided across the water as if moving by motor. They were quite quick, interesting to watch them slip through the water making waves, but silent, heading towards Brownie, lapping the water quickly as if there would not be enough.

Fourth image a young coot exploring the pond but keeping its distance from the two legged and four legged creatures on the edge of the pond. Though the beak is yellow/orange in the young coot it was also the distinguishing feature labeling the fledgling. Soon the beak color would change to white and the feathers to black. Already it is almost adult in size. How quickly they grow.

Dark clouds from the Southeast held a storm in its bosom, slowly moving toward Big Springs. The wind pushed against us, a plea for us to leave ahead of the storm.  Looking West, the sun on the almost horizon seemed more like a light inside a cloud attempting to expose itself. We turned back and followed the grass path in the open meadow back to the small but sheltering parking lot.

There are other new images also added to this post, however, one did not care to comment on each image. That has been left to the comments section under each image in the gallery, at least for this particular blog post. It is necessary. Time is a clock and it speeds through the universe at light speed. We need to keep pace.

I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.


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