Afternoon Walk - Light and Circumstance

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Aug. 7, 2016

One sits down to write, hardly ever with a clue of what may transpire in this transcript of various thoughts, emotions, ideas, and images. One may have an idea or a kernel of a theme, and a half-baked direction. Some days, and some of the best words, ideas, and thoughts lead this writer down a path not conceived at the outset.

Gotta love that.

One could say, “Surprise me!”, but no. False Dominion, a recent poem, is a good example.  It has description, turned phrases not read before, one can only hope. A kicker at the end sums up the title, and the state of man as Gaia begins her response to Man’s misuse of her cornucopia of plenty laid waste. Can we get an Amen? That, for those of you in the dark, is a phrase currently trending on Facebook.


Here is the poem.


Aug. 06, 2016


False Dominion


Volcanic rock 

tread this path

unsteady steps

stride precariously

a slow measured pace


Sunlight lingers on higher branches

shadows embrace this

meandered meadow

Big Springs settles into twilight


Coots fight

amongst themselves

across living creatures

territory remains

a universal squabble


Brownie lingers over

a pungent aroma

lapping pond water


This writer wonders

shall there be an infection

or other ailment

in her


Time may reveal

any sickness 


Three motorcycles 

roar sputter and zoom

echoing their troubles

across the streamed tall grass

and dead cattails


Birds bring 

attention to what struggles

remain close


Street noises collapse into 


a setting sun

pulls a curtain on what

human sounds remain


This walk ends

with some peace

even as

a quiet thunder

cannot be stilled


Monster clouds

muscle their power 

nature remains

a final restraint

on two-legged creatures

pounding their chests

in faux bravado 

of their artificial dominance


Our walk last night at Big Springs was calm, refreshing, quiet, and worth it. Big Springs however, is small, and that does not exactly endear it to this writer. So picky, a walker’s snob. Yeah, well, one becomes more particular once exposed to so many variations of terrain, topography, and wild life.

Looking for those unique, abstract, images one strives to create requires being picky. One must sift through many instances of what seems at first glance as totally ordinary in the search for abstractness. Finding what is abstract in nature is the biggest challenge of this photographic life. 

Nature has an advantage; millions of years of evolution. One could say one must look in unseen places, or look at the obvious. Images are staring this shooter in the face, hiding in plain sight. Always a challenge, see it for the first time.

There was another aspect of yesterday’s Afternoon Walk. Coots were attacking each other, at least that is what it looked like. Perhaps it was something else. A courting ritual? Territorial dominance? Perhaps two males showing off for a favored female. At least one decent image managed an appearance.

The grass also held a surprise. Not exactly abstract did not matter. It is, after all, all about the light and circumstance.

I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.


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