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Aug. 07, 2016

Essence of Mind, sounds as if it could be a drug or perfume. Just sayin'.

Yesterday was a day for abstraction, a mixed emotional condition to find what one cannot see at first view. It is a search for self. Self realization, self-accomplishment, a trophy one can place in the mind and stroke this brain with pleasure at having found images no one else has seen or visualized.

There is not in this shooter a creative spark that says, “Hay I’ll realize this image, make it, and bring it forth.” Have never had that. There is a different, acquired, skill, still partially hidden, though it is being exposed, and making itself known. One just needs freedom from stress, a proper process, and a ritual taking place before venturing out to find these images. Without this process there is little chance of ‘seeing.’ 

Burton Road was a great teacher in that regard. The half-mile walk in any weather opened this mind, released notions, let them fly away, like clearing stale air from a room, and inhaling fresh, crisp, clean, unaltered essence of mind. Maybe one can revisit Burton Road.

One can never go home again, trite yes, but always valid. Once the cord is cut, the life is changed, or a direction altered, there is no going back. The simple act of contemplating change alters the avenue. 

This morning was just a walk in the park, nothing more, nothing less. Exercise obtained, a fresh journey stepped with solitary paces. Few images held any essence. 

Part of this conundrum is too many people.  This walking poet/shooter spoils his own time of solitude with grumpy statements. Many strollers at Woodland Lake Park are walking their dog, or dogs. Joggers wrapped in earbuds, block out the life surrounding them. Some old people walk with a quickened stride, bringing their hearts to a new state of health, others walk at a mild pace sucking in the their surroundings with the knowledge of shorter days and hospital beds in front of them. Children want to pet all the animals, ducks included. 

Off the regular path around the lake Brownie finds discarded dog or cat food. An opportunist, she nibbles. Not satisfactory to her taste buds. Back to our cottage.

First image, stalks of water grass. Caught in the right light it contains a soothing quality.  A purple flower, a second image, a color of fascination, always. This image has been shot before, though the color of this flower comforts the eye.

Third image, four humans, two dogs, nothing special. A normal interaction between all. A resting place for the mind, watching this interplay. 

There was a noticed lack of waterfowl. Have they moved on? Are they scouting other territory? Is the water level too low as summer begins its retreat?

Overcast skies hung above the lake for the duration of this walk. No rain, just a cloud cover. Soft light permeated Woodland Lake. At one time this soft light was preferred as the best light for many situations. Not so, now.

Abstraction needs contrast to highlight, to accent, to split differences, to emphasize, to distinguish, and transform. The play of light, on dark, bright, and medium tones interpret what one sees and reshapes the ordinary into extraordinary.

The secret is out. Still, practice is always the mantra. Find yourself. It is worth the effort.

I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.


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