I've been a photographer since 1970. 

My photographic career has spanned five major areas of photography:

and Photo-journalism

I found my pleasure and passion as a Photo-journalist. I've been writing all of my life. Working for news organizations helped the writing pursuit more than any other venue. My writing niche is feature writing; those pieces that allow one to express their unique voice and entertain an audience at the same time. You can find the major portion of my writing at
Andy Towle  'Articles.'

Since being a Photo-journalist in Arizona (1995) I've won 23 or 24 photo awards through the Arizona Newspaper Association (ANA). I've won two first place awards: A Feature News Category Image and A Sports Category Image. 

It has been an exciting time. Having five different photo-careers, I've gained and retained much knowledge from each discipline which has helped me greatly over the decades of my photographic experiences. Whatever your need is; visit the pages and decide if our needs match. Thank you.