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Nothin’ Doin’ - Favorite Images

October 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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07032016GreyBlackWhite328ATBWwp copy07032016GreyBlackWhite328ATBWwp copyThe stark ‘BlackWhite’, black and white ducks, like salt and pepper shakers, compliment each other.

October 23, 2016


There a only a few of these. Images that satisfy this spirit. The light is used, and the images are what was seen and expressed as intended. Always a goal. Hardly accomplished. Most viewers will shrug and just say; “Meh.”  Or an equivalent thereof.


Their choice. All eyes do not see what is available. Or, what the eyes see is interpreted from each perspective differently. Therein lies the beauty of art, of photography, or drawings, or painting, and any other visual form of communication.


Only 15 images in 10 months. Perhaps even that is too many. However, each image brings emotional attachment, for this writer, hardly anyone else. It is expected.


Each image evokes a memory or a feeling brought forward from the memory of mind. The stark ‘BlackWhite’, black and white ducks, like salt and pepper shakers, compliment each other. ’Shroud’ is looking at an ordinary plastic trash can liner, and seeing something else. ’Barrel Wrap’ is in the same category.


’Scar’: It has been chopped, cut, slashed, drilled, and bound by wire. It is not dead. It remains alive, not for long but it holds on. ‘Aggressive Coot’ is a territory display of who is boss of this particular area of water. ’Sun Blessed’, the light is at its best exposure, also reveals this plant at a peak unfolding. ‘Not Lost Or Found’ evokes a panic in my heart. Apparently abandoned clothing at the edge of Show Low Creek may mean nothing at all; on the other hand it may mean dire news for some parent, or loved one.


‘Thistle Flower with Insects’ looks like it is floating on air and the bugs are along for the ride. ‘Natural Solarization’ is probably one of my favorites because the light is perfect, and it is one chance effect that may not be seen for a long time again.  ‘Great Blue Heron Flight’ catches its wings at the height of their wing flap, describing motion at its peak just before the downward thrust that will propel it farther away.


“Crossing Paths’ is a large and young tarantula moving across the same path Brownie and I were walking. Its long legs and the tense pose captured my attention for a long time. ‘Waiting to Seed’ is another fascination by this shooter with the light and the grass. Getting the exposure right is everything for an image of this nature. The grass reminds me of Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’ journey through space using a dandelion as a spaceship. 


’Misty Morning’ was a totally unexpected surprise leaving the shelter of our cottage. The contrast of light and dark, combined with the mist provided the ingredients one has longed for and finally captured. 


 ‘Fallen Giant’ conjures up the history of an old, old ponderosa that has succumbed to the moist ground and reveal a strong root system unable to maintain itself against a swamp. The vertical offers a slightly different angle.


I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.


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