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Nothin’ Doin’ - Every Drop Available

November 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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November 13, 2016

Some people appreciate small events, small gestures, little accents of life occurring with regularity in our everyday lives. We stop noticing. We take them for granted.

I am one of those people who appreciates those little things. For example, I threw a spoon in the dishwater this morning after  squeezing every drop available out of the coffee bags in my cup. It left an outline of the spoon in the bubbly soap. Cool. Like that. Little things.

Another little thing are friends who call me every now and then, asking me how I’m doing? 

“Oh , you know, the usual. Still workin’, still breathin’ “ and such like. They care. I call them too. Not as often, though.

For some one who professes he is a communicator, personal interaction is not one of my strong points. Being comfortable with myself since childhood has fostered an independent spirit. Sometimes, not such a good thing. Sometimes, a beneficial state.

Little things give me joy. Going for a walk alone and not interacting with others when my own company is enough. A form of meditation. 

Humor in everyday discoveries. Like the time a colorful Maple leaf landed in my yard under my carport. It was bright red/yellow/orange. Cool. I need to shoot that before it fades. Two weeks later it was still those bright colors. 

“Better shoot it now,” I said to myself. Took the shot. I picked it up. No wonder it did not fade, it was fake. A man-made leaf. Joke on me. Still, I got a nice shot and it does not look fake in the image.

I laughed. I noticed the leaf but did not examine it closely until after I shot it. It’s in my kitchen, on the wall. A reminder of how one can be fooled by not looking closely. Little things.

Back in the day, middle 1970’s, when I worked in Los Alamos, NM., my work area was so far from the break room where the coffee pot was, I adapted to drinking cold coffee. Had a big cup too. 

Learning to adapt, to adjust to a situation and be comfortable with it, is a small thing, but valuable. Keeping one’s eyes open and acting on impulse has also garnered satisfying small moments.

During my second tour as a photographer with the White Mountain Independent in Show Low I was driving back from Springerville/Eagar after a photo assignment. I noticed a field of yellow flowers near Hon-Dah Casino. I went past it. Then slammed on the brakes, backed up and shot the field.

I knew as I sped by the field if I did not stop regret would pull at me for a long time. The paper never used the picture for anything. Did not matter. It was a soul satisfaction.

We need those. We need those discoveries that stroke us, that yield to our yearnings. Without those little things a part of us dries up, we become hardened soulless humans. It is also how we turn against others, those whom we do not know personally, or those we know, but not well. 

Everyone needs to find those little pleasures touching our hearts, stroking our minds with good feelings. The key is sharing those moments, expressing our enjoyment, and communicating those feelings especially to those whom we do not know. Touching as many people as we can.

A slight aside; That last sentence; “Touching as many people as we can,” is one of my signatures of writing. There is more to the sentence that is not included. It is not included for a reason. It is for the reader to finish. 

For example, one could finish the sentence by saying ‘in the process.”, or “so others may benefit.”, or “ because by doing so maybe we can re-awaken the little things in some of us who have lost that skill.”.

The shortness of some of my sentences is my process of assisting readers to think, understand, and finish the thought with their own. My hope is; it draws readers in and brings more participation. 

If not, that’s okay. At the least reading this has been entertaining to some extent. At the most insight has broadened the scope and thought process of those who have read about ‘little things.’

I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.


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