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Morning Walk - Circumstance And Attitude

December 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


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December 11, 2016

Not much of a walk before sunrise. More of a wait, watch, and catching light as it turns its dial from near dark to continuously lighter. Without the grace of clouds and the moisture in the air to shape them into weather there would be no colorful shades of sky to shoot, to marvel, to be grateful for.


One must break the rack of routine rituals we all suffer, or delight in, frame of reference ya know. There are always routines one gravitates to and which we wear like bath robe mornings. The comfort of sameness, and the warmth of presumption of no change surround us all in our ordinary lives.

This morning, this one set of time of the deep darkness before sunrise, that space where it is almost light but still not enough to see. This is the expanse of time one can actually move through with a sense of passing.

Waiting at the fence watching the shape-shifting clouds wind pushed into other shapes and spaces, one defines forms with the minds eye. Some delight, some abstract, some actually looking alive. 

One can lose the sense of time and almost forget to take the shots as they evolve, change, and shift sunlight through their filter. Their prism of water and light as the sun moves through them, modify colors, their structure and semblance of what is familiar and what are merely odd formations to wonder, and wander the mind into something resembling reality.

One sparks a hope of excellent capture, but then settles into exposures and emotional grasps of; what feelings touch this mind that shoots these images? It is the intuition of eye and mind, not the analyzing of what is seen, that one must follow and let dictate image capture.

Hope and success must wait, like a patient in a room and let go of control. Seize this moment. Forget about reason, plans, calculations, just grasp the colors, configurations, and reflections of light upon the water. 

There is no time to shape these moments, there is only time to shoot them. This window of earth turning has an extreme finite possibility. Within that frame of reference whatever strikes the heart is the shot that matters. 

These days opportunities are fewer, and further between spaces of life as it is currently lived. It just is. How much joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment, that resides in these spaces is determined by circumstance and attitude.

Must the walk relate to the images or the images to the walk? Does not matter. As a shooter it is always shoot, shoot, shoot. As a shooter one is always asked; “What kind of camera do you have?” As if success depends on the camera and its sophistication. It is like asking a surgeon which instruments he uses. It doesn’t matter.

It does matter how you use what you have and the invisible mountain of experience tucked away in the mind that explains images that evoke a response and those that are just “meh.” 

The constant fascination with sunrises, and sometimes sunsets, is the uniqueness of each and everyone. This writer is a sunrise shooter, more than a sunset image maker. Not that these are the only two possibilities. Those are endless. It is the constant search for satisfaction of the heart.

Perhaps the next opportunity will yield images more pleasing, more surprising, or so different one might wonder why these images never occurred in the mind before. Circumstance and attitude are defining conditions. One must always be ready.

I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.


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