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Nothin’ Doin’ - Writing To Percolate

December 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


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December 18, 2016

Most of you, hopefully, have read enough of these writings to know there are certain authors, singers/song-writers, who have inspired and whom without being able to hear them, or read them, there probably would not be near as much output from this writer as there is. 

Four main singers/song-writers in no order of importance, are:  Carole King, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, and Dan Fogelberg. Why these four? It’s like asking why I like Canon Cameras, or what lens do I prefer over others? 

It all depends on time, emotion, situational awareness, and what tugs at this heart whenever a key board is within striking distance. For example, today is a hellishly cold day in Arizona, in the White Mountains in particular, and the only really warm place in this cottage is at the keyboard with Carole King singing my mind.

A small heater right by the chair helps. One strum of a guitar lick hits the mind and off we go. How? I do not know. Why? Because that guitar lick, for whatever reason, pierced me in just the right way. 

Tomorrow, or even later today, it could and will be something else. That particular lick has been heard hundreds of times and then, zam! Off we go. 

Another case in point is reading. One can read a paragraph of Ray Bradbury or some other author, and a phrase, a sentence, a word, opens a door, a memory, a thought hidden waiting, ready to spring out and express itself. 


Finding the path one goes down each different day depends on the factors stated above: time; that elusive man-made construct civilization revolves around. Emotion; those fleeting moments coming and going at all speeds possible within every second, depending on our thoughts, and current input. 


As was written the other day at the end of a particularly emotional moment: “Words dance as music encases this mind inside these songs singing their hearts; fingers pound keys with abandon until the vessel is drunk empty. It is all I can do to keep up.”

Situational Awareness; is the perception of environmental elements and events with respect to time or space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their status after some variable has changed, such as time, or some other variable, such as a predetermined event. 

In other words; the environment in which writing takes place because of future, current, or past memories or experiences. Thus, what tugs at the heart is whatever situational awareness has prominence. Any one of the Four can trigger what hits the electronic page. 

One does not however, rely on them as an only source. They are guides, shaman, inspiration, assistants, purveyors, and vessels of transmission. There are occasions when one thinks there is nothing left, but writes anyway. There is always something.

Speaking of which, there is also emotional drainage. Times come when what is written stains the page red. Life blood writings are hard to come by, and they often drain the spirit.

The search for other heroes is continuous. Hearing certain singers/writers has a certain key (pun intended), and if these writers/singers do not match it, they are liked but not followed. This writer does not know what the key is, until it strikes.

Authors are even harder to find. Perhaps it is this writer. Perhaps the looking has not been searched carefully enough. 

Maybe because all authors are compared to Ray Bradbury. When you discover the poetry in his writing you will understand. A short tale: Bradbury was discovered in high school. Read everything he wrote. Collected all his books, except one: Dandelion Wine. A voice in my head said; no, do not read this, yet. This was back in the late 1970’s.

In 2009, in Payson, found a used book store, went immediately to the science fiction section, looked for Bradbury. Dandelion Wine was the only book there of his I had not read. I knew it was time. It is almost a bible. A go to book.

My mind knew. I needed time for the writing to percolate, to filter through experience, love of English and maturation of fingers slapping keys with abandon. Had Dandelion Wine been read earlier its effect would not have been the same.

The sentences, the phrases, the paragraphs are magical. Not every page, of course. There are passages that ring, sing, and celebrate the language as no other. 

Read, write, read more. Repeat. Find what works. Find your heroes in song, in words, in whatever works for you.

I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.


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