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Afternoon Walk - Always With Joy

August 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


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August 28,  2016

Brownie was surprised and overjoyed by our walk last night. She did not beg/bark for it. The surprise of it joyed her, and in the process smiled my face. Do the unexpected and those you love will love you more.

Not a long walk, not anything to write home about. Just an evening stroll up the road and back. Too wet for a forest amble. Camera slung over the shoulder, always on, and ready but not looking. Just breathing the wet, the humid air still clinging to the rain, the clouds moving east, against a setting sun.

This is when images present themselves. Do not look for them. They will find you. Not all of them are earth shaking or immortal, just small captures.  It is these small treasures one pursues without looking.

In tune with these thoughts is a book recently purchased; “The Time Traveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger. Yes, a hard copy, hold in your hands, book. There is something about that activity  that makes the reading more real. Reading electronically is okey. Reading hard copy is tangible in a way electronic words never are.

Saw the movie first, four or five times. Have it in iTunes. It grabbed my heart, and I knew it was special. Have not been able to explain why. 

It is one of those instances that pierces the heart and expresses what lies deep within the spirit. Now reading it. Not disappointed. Better than. A unique love story told out of sequence. It cannot be told any other way.

It has grabbed my mind and will not let go. Those are the writings that give these fingers their power, their expressiveness. More, one always needs more. So it goes.

Now, this morning, one wondered what happens in these early hours. I look up and 5:00 a.m. has rotated to 8:00 a.m. What? How? I just sat down.

The music settles in, sitting on the bathroom throne/library, thoughts cascade in and out of this mind with a rush of a waterfall. The need to punch keys obliterates everything. In what seems a few minutes turns out this morning’s ‘It Never Wasn’t’. One must investigate the possibility of  ‘Dandelion Wine’ as a Kindle reading.

If you only read one book of Bradbury’s, choose DW. It is not so much the stories, the characters or the setting of boyhood. It is the words, how they are used with such poetic phrasing and composition. This writer’s copy is covered with underlinings and margin notes.

It literally changed this writer’s writing; it brought forth what was already there and helped express my own ability.  A watershed moment. These moments come and go light fast in their occupancy of time. 

In this time Brownie sleeps, but shall awake and stalk around the property, bark for attention and hope for some leash time out of the yard. It may or may not occur, it is like whatever is written by this writer. Memory must serve this mind; let it come of its own accord. 

Never pull, never beg, never force that which is already there. Just write. Best advice ever.

The Brown dog shall have her time. Always with joy she is. Who cannot help but smile at such pure innocence?

I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.


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