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Morning Walk - It Never Wasn’t

August 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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August 24/28, 2016

The clouds and rain are a constant, and have been for way too many days. Yes, we need the rain. Yes, it is great to have the wetness, the rain, the land sucking it up like a sponge dried too long. I know that.

Since moving to AZ in 1992, my personality has taken a turn for the better. Yes, really. I realized when Zak was diagnosed as bi-polar, and would fair better at a lower latitude, that I too, have done much better in AZ than in Wisconsin. Zak has also found a way to minimize his situation by ingesting certain vitamins. Seattle is not exactly the sunshine city. (Interesting to note, how one state is spelled out and the other is abbreviated. Food for thought.)

All these cloudy days, and rain, my perspective is more morose. I NEED the sunshine. That vitamin D is an essential ingredient in how smiles occur on this face. They are infrequent enough. Please, release these clouds from our territory, let the sun shine.

With those thoughts, let it also be known having other humans who can smile this face is a great blessing for this heart. Those far from here and near-by are able to paint beams of sunshine into this flesh, and bring a twinkle into these eyes. It helps.

Now the morning walk of several days rides across the sunshine on this August, Sunday, 28, 2016. Flowers of rich color shout for exposure. Water birds squawk, splash and challenge their own kind in a dancing water display. Clouds reflect off of the small pond at Big Springs and become abstract representations of thoughts.

One in particular looks like a water color painting without manipulation of any kind. Just the right amount of wave to impress the image as an almost painting. One old yellow/brown dog leaves her temporary half print on a rock. A fleeting wetness recorded in some resemblance of permanency.

High grass in the foreground divides another image into two distinct images but manages to be one. A faux curtain, that teases the eyes, but releases the rest of the image for exploration. At the end there is the floating flower. No stem is seen. It is as if it hovers in space like a UFO, though with much earthly color and substance.

On another page not yet published an Afternoon Walk explores the trade off between light and dark. The last rays of sunshine struggle to remain but lose their hold and release themselves to a soft twilight before night. Capturing the contrast has become a challenge. Not that it never wasn’t.

The Brown dog now is eager to move on. An impatient four legged ball of yellow brown hair. A few dogs in yards bark their own lament of capture. Brownie ignores them.

The road is dry, the land is still wet from the earlier rain. Clouds have said their good-byes and dissipate into the atmosphere. Shadows have danced their last struggle and fade into a soft, warm, featureless light.

Another day has turned into its nighttime bed of soft sleep. A quiet blanket of silence covers the land, draws its curtains, closes its eyes, and begins its restless evening. May the dawn be clear, free of clouds, and color the sky with its deep azure blue of morning.

I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.


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