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Afternoon Walk - A Place Of Joy

September 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


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September 08, 2016

Three days down. Though words have splattered themselves on someone’s page. Just not public. There are private areas to every life. Someday perhaps those words may be seen by other eyes other than their intended.

No music hunts for my ears to embrace their magic sounds. A quiet space is also a place of joy. One does not require background music for every and all events or phases. The music enhances, accompanies, magnifies, heightens, and inspires. Silence too.

A sparseness creates spaces for thought, for blanks, for words provided from others. As in; find your own context. The rhythm of music pushes those limits. Silence too. (This is what I mean by spareness, find your own context, i.e.; Silence too creates spaces for thought, pushes those limits, etc.) Get it? 

Wet walk. The rain dripped like a weak bladder without muscle. The woods’ path moist though not enough for earth to adhere to soles of feet. Dull grey sky, muted light, no wind, only a rustle sound of vehicles drumming the road.

It was a space between time. There is no explanation. It is either understood, or not.

As we tread without sound along the 300 Road, a recent memory of  a silent and un-owned dog came into mind. Could not place the type of dog.  A black muzzle, black ears, tall, tan, looking like a German Shepherd, Rhodesian Ridgeback combo. No collar.

It stopped 30 yards from us. Undecided. Brownie moved in its direction. The leash held her firm. This writer looked away. It disappeared. As silently as it had appeared.

Though shots were taken, they were over exposed, too light to use or correct. A mystery born in a few silent moments. 

We moved on with the rain. Some days provide a mind with more expression than others. As previously noted, words find exposure in other places. One is not always able to proffer them to others. 

It is another way of saying; ‘that’s all folks.’

I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.


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