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Morning Walk - For Future Images

September 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


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September 05, 2016

This is a day for sitting quietly. Sure. Whomever said that was not this writer.  Yes, however, there are those days. For sitting quietly, and contemplating whatever quiet one has the need to pursue.

Yesterday’s promise was a possible 500 words or more. Did not happen. Broke apart into a fit of words, chopped out like a wood-splitter getting ready for a cold winter stoked with a fine wood stove keeping house warm while a howling wind rattled windows.

Such is this life. One three word sentence rolled into a set of words working to determine a sharp response to no writing. It could only be called, as it was, ‘Words Fail’. It happens. All too often it seems.

Having observed a semi-famous author on and off a few years ago, this writer noticed one thing about his style. Like Dylan in his early years, this person had one theme in his writing and constantly tread old ground over and over. He did this through re-packaging. 

Re-packaging consists of writing the same thing using different words that mean the same thing. If you read enough of anyone who does this the pattern will become clear. This writer is himself a case in point. One does attempt avoidance of these pitfalls, not always with success.

It is a trap some authors fall into, from which hole it is difficult to climb out of. One method of climbing out of this hole is exploring other venues, others places, and other subjects one needs to research before writing about. It makes this one wonder if this person is still treading the same old turf. Have not read anything of his lately. Speculation says yes. Successful methods die hard.

Back to this morning. The parking lot at Big Springs comfortably holds about seven or eight cars. There were six vehicles in the lot when this shooter parked and unloaded the brown dog and image gear.  Before our hour long trek began, a moment was taken for a deep breath, an exhale, inducing a release of mind. A practiced technique to open the field of dreams within the confines of this writers brain.

With so many cars in the lot one expected to bump into the owners of said vehicles. Again, did not happen. No let down there. A breath of relief exhaled. The fewer people the better. It is one of the best redeeming values of Big Springs.

No abstracts emerged. It was a relaxed pace of finding objects for future images. Time of day is critical for imaging if the goal has a point or certain perspective. A long dead immense log has less character if photographed at 10:00am, in full sun, rather than at five a.m. when the light is much different. In such cases shadows contribute in a subtle though defining measurement of the prospective subject.

As usual Brownie had had enough sitting around as this shooter watched clouds shape-shift across the sky. As an Aussie sheepdog and border collie mix, her tolerance for daydreaming is limited. Other delights were the family of Coots still nesting here, the small flighty birds looking for a quick shore bath, and of course the plethora of insects, biting and buzzing relentlessly.

This quiet sitting is an easy request to honor. One is absorbed into the landscape, birds forget your presence, dragon flies skitter aimlessly, while near-sighted grasshoppers bump into trees, flowers, and sharp edged grass as they fly/hop from here to there. These are the days.

I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.


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