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Morning Walk - Poignant Images

January 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


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January 01, 2017

Not exactly a memorable day through the years. It is so much of a celebration for some, and has much less meaning for others of a different mind. There have been several meaningful mornings as one trekked out on a meagerly used road in Linden, in search of poignant images.

They have been found. On occasion they have not been recorded also. Each new year contains its own unique flavor, of course. So there is and have been surprises containing eye candy and walks with empty memory cards bereft of images. 

Now man’s construct of time once again controls us all and we march to the tune of a calendar. Would society even exist if there were no calendars? Nature seems to work just fine with its uneven blend of seasons across millennia.

Why not us? Ask who you will, our lives have been engrained across the same millennia with such a constant tick-tock, it is practically impossible for human beings to not have a clock of some kind on their person or in their heads. This writer is a reasonably good example.

As a young teen in the boy scouts learning to use a compass, every hour a clock was checked, and then a quick outdoor check of the position of the sun in the sky was observed. This went on for about nine months. 

After much practice of this ritual, this writer could look at the sun and guesstimate the time within 15 minutes of a standard clock. There has been some loss of this ability but it has become part of an inner clock, and on most occasions it is still fairly accurate.

For this writer time has been locked within and I am its prisoner. There is no complaint. It is thrown completely off however, if access to the sun is not granted over a period of a day or so.

There are times, for example, when writing or when one is lost in an activity, time does not stop, but grinds its wheels more slowly. What image or images will arise like the sun on this, the first day of a new cycled calendar pages of days is not yet seen.

We shall see as this big blue marble rotates on its regular and presupposed journey around the sun. Which of course is not the actual steady state of affairs at all. But that’s another story.

One has cause to reflect on the passing of relationships; new, old, and constant.  The old ones, the constant ones are the most worrisome. It seems fragility increases with age. 

The fragile nature of communication, the delicate balance of thought between friends, may increase or decline as each mind diverts more, or less, in direction, in philosophy, in interest. Some come together in more solidarity, while others find their orbit redirected and begin a drift away in a changed trajectory.

This may or may not occur as a good or bad thing.  Perspective, and attitude are the important elements for each to observe and remain respectful of the philosophy of the other. Their may be regret or joy at this juncture. One can only say; let the sun rise and be interpreted by each as they see it.

Celebrate this new calendar of days if that is your ritual. Or mark it in a different way as it always has been done unique to your relationship with time. Let us all rejoice in our consciousness in this new sunrise of this new day, everyday.

I am grateful for you visit. Thank you.


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