Nothin’ Doin’ - If Not Images

April 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

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April 16, 2017

Nothin’ Doin’ - If Not Images

In the world of religion, this is a celebratory time. It is also just another Sunday. Another sunrise missed by this writer, as these days sleep and rest dominate the morning. Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and may Passover bring you a greater and better understanding of your faith.

There is a Spring chill in the crisp morning air. As sunset nears later today, time will discard the usual and shape a different form in a walk, in a contemplation of breathing, a sustained life that has been magical at certain times, and through no action of this writer. 

There are times when it seems this pathfinder has a guide with invisible signs one reads through intuition and escapes moments where one might be eclipsed into non-existence. I am grateful and thankful for having lived this long. If there are parallel universes there is no doubt in my mind, I am already dead in one or more of them.

Get out of my comfort zone! Is an admonishment slung at me from a friend at our last photogs meeting? There is a problem with that. There isn’t much I have not ventured photographically. Oh yes, there are areas to explore. Drawbacks however are time and money.

And attitude, and desire, and energy. Excuses all, you bet! 

When you have photographed death up close and had to be at accident scenes, seen things most people never see and documented it, covered fires that have burned the earth to cinders, ash, and smoldering trees, and covered the same events so many times, closing your eyes and just listening could have gotten decent photos, there isn’t much-left one has the heart to shoot.

This writer/shooter has pared images down to what is abstract; objects, scenes, sights, events, or people that must be captured not as they are, but as one can interpret them. It is a difficult search. No whining, please.

The search is a challenge for this reason; all of these items are so familiar, exploring them from a new perspective is the real challenge. It can and has been done. Clearing the mind before venturing out is the crossroads event that is so elusive.

When the Morning Walk or Afternoon Walk were mainstays of this life, it was easier. The walk provided time, space, quiet, and distance. This mind released everything and just settled into the present moment. Images did not always just appear, some days there was nothing, which was ok. The walk itself provided inner peace if not images.

Other days images were thrown across the landscape like a deck of cards scattered across my feet to the horizon and back again. Consistency was the linchpin. All images swung around this measure and found expression. 

Walking Show Low Lake, Show Low Creek, and the Rim Trail have distinct limitations. People. Yes, the whine master is searching for his piece of cheese. Putting such restrictions on the process narrows the scope and provides excuses. Comfort zone hedging buffers the process.

There will be no new growth without breaking the comfort zone.

Thank you. I am grateful for your visit.


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