Nothin’ Doin’ - There Is More...

May 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

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May 15, 2017

Nothin’ Doin’ - There Is More...

A singer, a woman’s voice, high pitched soft, clear, strident, and soothing. Rings in my right ear. No earbuds plugging ear holes. Just the echoes off walls bouncing her song around this room.

A thought, like her voice, speaks suddenly between beats. Twirls around the head like a needle-scratched vinyl record emitting a song in each revolution. It asks a simple but thoughtful question.

At what time in the life of humans will a person be able to have permanent earbuds? Each being ensconced with their own private music library inside their heads with access to all the music ever written, scribed, performed, and recorded.

Or, will one have the option of not hearing anything if one chooses to turn off their ears? Sweet silence in a cacophony world of poundingly constant noise, every timbre of sound waves penetrating all our fibers of being. A world of no escape other than to turn our own ears off.

Even then, sound vibrations penetrate as a matter of physics. Some escape is better than no escape at all. And in a world of such, will immersion therapy spas become a major corporation of world power?  Humans so hungry for silence any price will be paid.

One can imagine. But wait, there is more...

Studies have already proven a constant, and frequent return to our natural environment is more soul-satisfying than anything humans have invented for easing the mind and bringing peace into the heart. 

This writer did not need a research paper as proof. Burton Road in the early morning before sunrise was enough evidence. Out the door, image-maker slung across the shoulder, hiking boots crunching the road, as Brownie sniffed the future. Down the road, out there where horses stood silent waiting for the sun to warm them.

Leave the phone at home, leave the earbuds by the computer, and do not strap that watch to the wrist. Just take some steps North up Snowflake way on the winding road with its gentle ups, downs, curves, and tanks here and there.

01012014CoyoteRoadSitting057ATwp01012014CoyoteRoadSitting057ATwpCoyote Road Sitting

Listen. The wind carries a howl of a grey/brown coated coyote. Hawks ride the thermals with starkly dark wings shifting and flicking, maintaining their flight against a deep blue morning sky. Shining black ravens caw in pairs. Two-toned brown elks echo the hills with bellowing trumpets. 

The green grasses in the meadow wait for a bright a yellow sun to kiss more life into their stalks. A haze of moisture shrouds the distant hills, and whitish grey smoke from a wood stove signals an early rising for some.

Brownie lays down on the road. Watching for movement, she sniffs a breeze, licks her paw, and rests her head on her forelegs. A brief moment in the morning in the life.

Standing at rest in the middle of the road on the first curved hill looking South. These are the only sounds and sights. There is a peace in the air one cannot receive any other way. 

Resting on a favorite staff an inhaled breath of cool air pumps the lungs full. A moment of eternity fixes this place, this time in the mind. It will never leave. 

A moment carried in memory. Like a locket hung around the neck holding this one instant of time forever safe. Nature’s immersion therapy.

Thank You. I am grateful for your visit.


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