Chasing The Light - In A Silence

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June 07, 2018

Chasing The Light - In A Silence

In a silence 

of my left ear


a fullness


so say doctors

of audiology


So says I

In a silence 

of my left ear


a vacuum

an unmeasurable space



a ton

of weight

against sound



In a silence 

of my left ear


a silence

so loud

no screams

pierce its membrane


a bubble

ever unpopped



a cusp

of sharp volumes

prick dead hairs


a tickle

as sound waves

bend without recognition


In a silence

of my left ear


So, you asked me: “What is it like, as sound enters, and you know, nothing entertains those vibrations?”


“Question answered?” Probably not. As your head has no compared event. Least words communicate more, as is best. Because, if you comprehend, reading between lines, spaces fill with words. Your words. Such has my writing become.


Volumes unspoken. Silence it seems has its place ever-increasingly contained between, within, and held with fragile bonds in these fingers. For now, for this ever increasingly longer expanse, in a silence.


“Another question?”




“How are images determined?”


“Visually appealing.”


I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.


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