Afternoon Walk  -  A Breath Of Wonder

September 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

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September 18, 2018

Afternoon Walk  -  A Breath Of Wonder

There is a lot more rain here. Thus the greening of the Midwest saturates the mind with its constant lushness. Variations of green explode into one's eyes and almost blind the mind with their variety.

And in this part of Wisconsin glaciers have left their mark across the landscape. The topography consists of rolling hills, constant small bodies of water, lakes, small rivers, and creeks meandering across the land. One can drive into the rolling hills and lose a sense of direction in minutes. The perpetual change of direction, the surprise of so many high and low places, as trees, hills, and narrow bridges strafe the mind with too much information.

These rolling hills in South Central Wisconsin are rollercoaster rides worthy of exploration. One caution and one difference; one is more likely to encounter another vehicle coming from the other direction. As opposed to Arizona, where it is less likely. Tractors, for example, pulling some kind of wagon or other machinery.

It beats a heart faster with its surprise. And that is the thrill, the mystery, the unknown quality of this experience. Though the question of disaster is minimal, it is present. Adrenaline rush keeps one focused and sharp. Also, while riding these roads there is another awe.

So much variation in these textures of landscape curiosity becomes animate. One wants to pull over, somewhere safe, and explore. Though there are designated places for such activities, the desire to get out anywhere and just partake of this feast of senses being bombarded is high.

Pastoral scenes abound with nostalgia. Of course, one needs to have lived with this landscape from childhood on and traveled it while growing into it as a young adult. For example; One knew a ride to Marathon meant a day on the grandparents farm. Always an encounter worth the trip.

Sometimes on these Sunday afternoon road trips, the stops were at local watering holes (bars) my parents knew well. Few memories of these stops stand out with any consequence. Probably due to boredom, as there was not much of interest for a child to explore.

Now there is interest once again as one travels these secondary roads. Though the wildness has been cultivated out of the experience there is the geography, history, memories, and organizations searching for people who desire to connect with nature, however fleeting or temporary. 

These like-minded people understand touching our ancient selves may help massage our human nature giving us a breath of wonder. An inhalation of calm. A soft boost of energy injected into our minds, our spirits, as refreshing as drinking clear, cold, glacial water, millions of years in the process.

Thus there are places like The Ice Age National Scenic Trail, Horicon Marsh, Blue Mounds, Devil's Lake, Eau Clair Dells, Gibraltar Rock, and many other preserved natural areas. These joys of nature surround and abound. Knowing they exist is an embrace of joy.

These distinctly unique areas are an open offer for administering a healthy measure of grateful tranquility. Opportunities for expeditions into their hearts is an invitation for openings into this heart and embracing journeys through these terrains as welcome respites. Breathe deep, expire peacefully.

I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.



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