Falling Off The Edge

December 20, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

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December 06, 2020

Falling Off The Edge

This year is falling off the edge of time and into oblivion. What a long, terribly anxious year it has been. Almost everyone in the world is celebrating its demise.

 A conundrum of my own is the ability to write emotionally but not speak with emotional words. There was no awareness it was an issue until I began seeing Dr. Johnson, and my lack of verbal expression with emotional words was pointed out.

Now I know why when attempting to speak sometimes the connection from brain to tongue cannot cross that great divide. It's like wondering if having another espresso right now is a good idea or not. There is nothing but silence.

My mind twirls with excitement as the froth of the liquid swirls in the cup. Another sip rushes the senses, but verbal expression pours not from pitcher to receptacle. The mantra of success: practice, practice, practice; whispers my tongue in a barely audible reply.

Where does this gift come from? How write are these words? All those long moments of intense observations without expression stored in a warehouse of memory manage their appearance when necessary.

Grateful effusion is heartfelt when sentences, paragraphs, and commentaries resonate in the minds of others. Too hot to touch the small ceramic cup with its steaming liquid remains undrunk while waiting on its coaster like a leftover vessel. Approval of effort will shine forth whenever a consequence is realized.

Every day burdens wear thin on the shoulders but become heavy with age. How long the carry lasts may be determined by personality, events without control and a measured degree of mental agility while the weight increases. Although we may be masters of our lives; circumstance, peace of mind, and attitude are the blenders of most outcomes.

Ah, yes, the year seemed long with stress, and without much relief from those oh so many short-tempered tantrums between even the best of friends. Times of quiet repose were like refreshing drinks hardly sipped between bouts of conflict. Savor the sip touching your tongue as you slowly swallow a fresh volume quenching not your thirst but the need for liquid.

Now feel your lungs expand as you inhale, notice the pause before you exhale your tension, and relax your mind. Conflict is another word for challenge. Replace this definition and strive for better outcomes.

Thank you. I am grateful for your visit.


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